"I'm very hopeful:" Pro-immigration group Voces de la Frontera attends inauguration ceremony

“I’m very hopeful: “ Pro-immigration group Voces de la Frontera attends inauguration ceremony


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Hope and optimism were the overwhelming emotions surrounding the inauguration of Governor Tony Evers. Among those that attended was the pro-immigration group Voces de la Frontera. The organization held a rally outside the state capitol prior to the inauguration ceremony, before going inside to witness the event.

Voces de la Frontera Christine Neumann-Ortiz said today was a celebration of their effort to put Tony Evers in office.

One of the governor’s campaign promises was to allow undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses.

“I’m very hopeful,” said Josue Devalos-Alonso of Racine. “These are promises, they’re not facts, but I’m very hopeful.”

Devalos-Alonso made the trip to Madison on bus. He says access to driver’s licenses for the undocumented immigrant community would be life-changing, especially for his family.

“My parents are afraid to drive to their job. Their job which is ten minutes away. My dad rides his bike to work whether snow rain or shine, he rides his bike to work and after a heavy day, he rides his bike back. I believe that's not something he should go [through].”

Supporters of the idea also say access to driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants has economic and social benefits.

Governor Evers has said he will include a measure to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses this session.

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