Illinois man charged in quadruple shooting that left 2 dead on Milwaukee's north side

NOW: Illinois man charged in quadruple shooting that left 2 dead on Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- A 26-year-old Illinois man has been charged in connection to the quadruple shooting that left two people dead on Milwaukee's north side.

According to police, four people were shot while at a gas station near N. 26th St. and W. Capitol Dr. around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 7.

Michael White has since been charged in connection to the shooting with first degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, first degree reckless injury, as well as first degree recklessly endangering safety.

According to court records, White is in the hospital. A criminal complaint states White was shot in the abdomen during the course of the incident and was dropped off at the hospital. 

Two victims, a 20-year-old woman from Milwaukee and a 30-year-old man from Milwaukee, died at the scene. Two other victims, a 26-year-old Illinois man and 27-year-old Milwaukee woman, were transported to the hospital for non-fatal injuries. Police say White was wearing an orange jacket. 

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the situation began with an argument inside of the gas station between two groups of people, before moving outside and ending in gunfire.

According to a criminal complaint, a surviving victim told police she went to the gas station with her friends on April 7. She told police her friend went into the gas station, but when he exited the gas station it appeared as if he was allegedly "jumped" by a total of three men, two of which were allegedly wearing orange jackets. The victim told police two of the suspects were allegedly armed with handguns. One of the suspects was positively identified by authorities as Michael White.

Surveillance video from the gas station, according to the criminal complaint, showed a struggle between White and one of the victims. The video allegedly showed the victim holding a handgun during the argument and then punching White in the face while inside the gas station. They then stepped outside and there was a struggle for the victim's handgun.

During the struggle, officials say it appears White was able to overpower the victim and shoot in his direction. The complaint states White also sustained a non-fatal gunshot wound.

The complaint states White then approached the victim's vehicle, where the other three victims were seated. White allegedly continued firing his gun as he ran alongside it. At this point, the complaint states, another victim fell out of the side door and ran inside the gas station holding her chest. 

According to the complaint, White and the other suspects ran north across Capitol and entered the same SUV they arrived in and proceeded west on Capitol out of camera view. 

The shooting comes during a violent time in Milwaukee. Homicides are down in 2021 after a record-setting year in 2020, but remain above average. The rates of aggravated assault, robbery and vehicle theft are currently higher than last year.

This is a developing story and will be updated. 

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