"If anyone's smiling today, it's Gov. Walker," Professor says of Kavanaugh vote

NOW: “If anyone’s smiling today, it’s Gov. Walker,“ Professor says of Kavanaugh vote


After Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as Supreme Court Justice, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had a message for his party.

"The overreach of protesters at the Capitol have actually energized the Republican base," McConnell said on CBS News' "Face the Nation.

But what does it mean for Wisconsin?

"If anybody is smiling today, it would be governor Walker," UWM Professor Mordecai Lee said.

Lee says the vote energized both parties, but the republicans had a gap to close.

"If democrats had been very mobilized all year long, and Gov. Walker was afraid that republicans weren't, I think it brought republicans up to the same level."

Democratic Party Chair Martha Lanning says Wisconsin voters will be troubled by the process.

"The money that got behind judge Kavanaugh's endorsement, it's that same kind of money that's been coming into Wisconsin to try and influence our elections."

She says that, and the partisan nature of the supreme court process will energize democrats.

"It's gotten people really interested in getting out, and being sure that the Wisconsinites voices are being heard."

The Wisconsin Republican Party sent a statement saying the battle showed, "just how desperate the left has become to take back power. republican grassroots activists have seen the democrat's political games for what they are."

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