"I'd take the rain:" Fairgoers come prepared to take on the weather

“I’d take the rain: “ Fairgoers come prepared to take on the weather

WEST ALLIS (CBS 58) -- Fairgoers brought their ponchos, umbrellas and rain boots to the Wisconsin State Fair after the storm Monday morning.

"When we first came, it was raining cats and dogs but we got out umbrellas and we got our ponchos so we are all set," said Don Kuehn. 

It was overcast and sunny for the remainder of the day but there is a chance for rain Tuesday night and on Thursday. 

Umbrellas are allowed in the fair park but not at the main stage venue.

When it does rain, there are places to take cover at the fair like the Exposition Center, Cream Puff Pavilion and the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. 

"As long as its not lightning or high winds everything will be operating and if we were to get to that situation we would take the necessary precautions to get them off rides and things. But we hope everyone will come down and brave the couple of sprinkles we will have the rest of the day," said Kristi Chuckel, spokesperson for the Wisconsin State Fair. 

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