Icy roads keep tow trucks busy pulling drivers out Saturday night

NOW: Icy roads keep tow trucks busy pulling drivers out Saturday night

KENOSHA (CBS 58) -- Racine and Kenosha counties have been hit hardest by the first winter storm of the year and it has been causing a mess for drivers on the roads.

The weekend winter storm is keeping tow truck companies busy too. Alligator Towing and Roadside has been assisting drivers non-stop since Friday afternoon. 

"Very busy. I've been out most of the time since then, pulling cars out of ditches, helping people out of their driveways, and cleaning accidents up," Tow Truck Operator with Alligator Towing and Roadside Michael Garcia said. 

The number of calls for tow trucks isn't slowing down any time soon. The Kenosha County Sheriff's Office said because of drifting snow, and the salt causing snow to melt and then freeze road conditions could be worse Saturday night. They say expect icy roads Saturday night, which could lead to more crashes, and drivers skidding off the roads.

"Snow is covering up melted snow and ice and people are driving a little rapidly for the weather," Garcia said. 

The icy roads are keeping some Wisconsin drivers home for the rest of the weekend. 

"It's gonna be really hazardous with that snow freezing, that ice and the temperature change," Driver Marcy Desjardins said. "So I'm not looking forward to going out tomorrow that's why I'm at Kwik Trip tonight because I know it's going to be pretty slick." 

But for tow companies, they're ready for another long night out on the roads. 

"It feels good when I get someone out of the snow, they usually hug me and thank me, tell me I'm a lifesaver," Garcia said. 

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