“I will take another route:” Oak Creek residents prepare for IKEA grand opening traffic

NOW: “I will take another route:” Oak Creek residents prepare for IKEA grand opening traffic

OAK CREEK (CBS 58) – Wisconsin’s first IKEA will be opening its doors Wednesday morning.

“I am going to be the first one in the door,” said Aisha Moore who lives in Oak Creek.

The Wisconsin State Patrol Traffic Management estimates there will be an additional 20,000 vehicles heading to the new IKEA on Wednesday and over the weekend.

“If you are not planning on attending the event we certainly recommend some alternate routes. It may take an extra couple minutes than your normal travel time,” said Lt. Nathan Clarke, Wisconsin State Patrol.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • I-94 at W. Drexel Ave. will be free-flowing to prevent backups on the highway
  • No left turn will be allowed from Drexel Ave. onto IKEA Way
  • No street parking will be allowed near IKEA
  • Park and Ride available to IKEA from College Ave.

While many are excited for the grand opening, others are hoping to avoid Drexel Avenue for the next couple of days.

“I will take another route to get to the gym,” said Oak Creek resident Lettie Oliver.

Officials have worked on traffic plans for months to make sure shoppers and students nearby are safe.

“The big things we planned for the local school that’s right next to the Ikea. We are going to make sure parents can drop off and pick up their kids safely,” said Clarke.

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Forest Ridge Elementary is right next to IKEA. School officials sent letters to parents to inform them on traffic plans. Parents were given placards so they could get through the express lane.

For residents like Moore, she has alternate routes in mind.

“Hopefully, no one else has the same ideas as I have,” said Oliver.

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