'I think it was a fair sentence': Former Milwaukee County Children's Court judge sentenced to 9 years

NOW: ’I think it was a fair sentence’: Former Milwaukee County Children’s Court judge sentenced to 9 years

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A former Milwaukee County Children's Court judge was sentenced to federal prison Wednesday, Dec. 22.

Thirty-nine-year-old Brett Blomme got nine years for child sex crimes. 

"We would have liked less time. Brett was ready to accept whatever the judge gave him, so he does. I think it was a fair sentence," Christopher Van Wagner said. He is Blomme's attorney.

Blomme will spend nine years in prison concurrently. He is charged with two counts of child pornography. Blomme viewed and shared images and videos using the messenger app KIK. The videos depicted children as young as toddlers.

"When he was a judge, you know, Brett Blomme was using the court system's WiFi in Milwaukee County Children's Court to upload child pornography onto the internet, so he used court facilities obviously funded by the taxpayers," Wisconsin State Court Director Randy Koschnik said. 

Blomme apologized to the court and acknowledged his crimes as disgusting and outrageous. He also asked for forgiveness, and said he was not in healthy state when he committed those crimes.

Wagner said Blomme is an addict, but was not a bad person and carried out his job.

"He wants to remake his life in a way that does not in any way put him in this situation again, where he would end up falling victim," Van  Wagner said. 

Koschnik disagreed. He said his actions tarnished many children's court cases.

"Families that came through children's court and appeared before judge Blomme undoubtedly have a reason to question, you know, whether their case was properly decided, because he was committing these crimes while he was a judge."

Blomme will head to federal prison. Wagner says he will go through alcohol treatment if granted. He will also get sex offender treatment.

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