"I’m going to have a lot of writing to do": Cubs fan sending out apology letter to thousands of Brewers fans after tweet

NOW: “I’m going to have a lot of writing to do“: Cubs fan sending out apology letter to thousands of Brewers fans after tweet

UPDATE: Nathan Marzion has sent out his letter. To read it, click here.


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Thousands of Brewers fans will receive an apology letter from a local Cubs fan.

This after a tweet sent out months ago.

Nathan Marzion was so confident back in May that the Cubs would win the division, he sent out a tweet saying if they didn’t, he would apologize to Brewers fans.

“It said if the brewers finish ahead of the Cubs this year I’ll write a 1,000 word apology letter and send it to anyone who likes this,” said Marzion.

He is now watching the “likes” climb on the tweet.

That tweet gained even more attention when the Brewers got involved.

“This morning is when it really took off with the Brewers retweeting it,” laughed Marzion.

“I’m hoping that he actually does it,” said Brewers fan Lindsey Orthmann.

Orthmann is excited to see just what Marzion is going to say, “I just kind of read it and scrolled but I’ll go back and like it.”

“Yeah, it was funny,” said Eric Dunphey.  He is impressed that Marzion is making good on his word.

“It really means a lot to us Brewers fans that somebody would do something like that,” said Dunphey.

Marzion says he has been getting a lot of attention from Brewers fans since the game 163 win.

“A lot of people, nice comments just how they appreciate me being a good sport about it and following through, being a man of my word,” said Marzion.

In fact, Marzion is using the attention to try and raise money for charity.  Because a lot of people are engaging him on social media, he is asking people to donate to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation.

He plans to write one letter and email it to anyone who wants it. As for what it will say, “It will be very apologetic, I might not mean every word I say, but it’ll just be honest for the most part and me just admitting how I was wrong,” said Marzion.

As for any future predictions, Marzion says not this year. “I respect the Brewers a lot more than I used to after this year,” he said.

The number of “likes” are still climbing, Marzion plans to set a cutoff time Wednesday.

If you want a letter, you need to fill out this form and include your name and email.

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