'I love my story': Spinn MKE inspires Milwaukee's Black community through fitness

’I love my story’: Spinn MKE inspires Milwaukee’s Black community through fitness

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Tajma Hall meets Shakkiah Curtis, owner of Spinn MKE. The indoor cycling gym in Bronzeville is the only Black-owned fitness center of its kind in the Milwaukee area.

Curtis says as a former athlete fitness has always been a big part of her life. "Once I discovered exactly what it was doing for my mental and my emotions, it became a lifestyle to the point where I was just committed," said Curtis.

She says after years of traveling and visiting indoor cycling gyms in other big cities, she realized there was a void to be filled.

As a Milwaukee native, she felt is was important to bring this unique style of fitness right into her community. Spinn MKE is located at 309 West Brown Street and there's nothing like it in the area.

"In this neighborhood, there is no gym. There are no fitness opportunities. The closest is a drive away. So, a lot of those barriers come from accessibility of not being able to unless you have a car or unless you have disposable income you can go to the entities that are around," she said.

Curtis says she also aims to challenge stereotypes when it comes to people of color and fitness.Folks like Krystle Rogers say Spinn MKE was just what this community needed.

"It nourishes the community. The community would starve for this. This is something that is feeding us because it's giving us what we need, what we want, and feeding our wellness overall," said Rogers.

Curtis says she holds much pride in owning a business in the city she was born and raised in and she hopes her story inspires others to follow their dreams and put their health and wellness first as she continues to cultivate culture in the community.

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