'I guess it just skated right in': MCTS bus crashes into trees in Wauwatosa

NOW: ’I guess it just skated right in’: MCTS bus crashes into trees in Wauwatosa

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS58) -- Wauwatosa police say a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus was going south on North 68th Street, heading towards State Street Thursday, Feb. 4, when the driver couldn't stop as they went down a hill. The driver steered into a tree line to avoid hitting cars stopped at the red light.

“Surprising to see a bus off the side of the road for sure, not surprising if they’re at the bottom of the hill, it gets slippery down there," Daniel Uhler said. He lives nearby.

“I don’t think anybody is necessarily to blame, when they opened the street back up bus three was going five miles an hour down the hill. They were making sure they were not going to hit it," Mitchell Azinger said.

People who live on this street say it's a dangerous hill.

They say cars struggle to get up the hill and come down during poor weather conditions.

“It’s one of the steeper hills in the area, such a busy road, too," Azinger said. “Coming down the hill, it’s understandable, I’ve seen a few cars not be able to make it up the hill.”

They also say people ignore the posted speed limit.

“A lot of traffic, usually above the speed limit, I think it’s a low speed limit here, 25, and folks are driving a bit faster than that," Uhler said.

Wauwatosa police say none of the passengers on the bus were hurt.

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