"I fight with Cain:" Community rallies around 7-year-old Sheboygan boy fighting for his life at Children's Hospital

“I fight with Cain: “ Community rallies around 7-year-old Sheboygan boy fighting for his life at Children’s Hospital

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A community is rallying around a young Sheboygan boy who is fighting for his life at Children's Hospital.

What started as the flu ended up with an illness much worse.

The Pizza Ranch was full of people Thursday who have bene touched by the 7-year-old's story. They wore pins that had pictures of Cain Wick showing off his karate moves. They're now raising money for the boy who can't walk.

As friends and even strangers ate their dinner in Sheboygan, they were doing so to help a young boy stuck in a bed at Children's Hospital.

"Funny, smiley, he loves to make people laugh and he loves to make people smile," said Zac Wick, Cain's Father.

Cain Wick's bright spirit and cheek-to-cheek smile was taken from him after contracting the flu. He went into septic shock, causing his organs to shut down.

"He can't walk, he can't stand, he can lift his arms to his shoulders right now," Cain's dad said.

His parents are staying positive. "To see him doing that is nice, every step of that gives you a little more hope."

Cain is making improvements. He just got out of the ICU Thursday but the Wick's say this is still an uphill battle. Their son's kidneys are still not working.

"It's the worst feeling you can imagine is watching that happen to your kid. It's horrible," Zac Wick said.

Family friend Cristi Wassink coordinated the fundraiser. While some gave the family cash, Pizza Ranch also donated 15% of the Thursday night sales. 

"He looks like a little ray of sunshine and he is and people are really touched by that and they just want to help," said Wassink.

The Wicks say all of the outreach and support is helping Cain fight his battle and get one step closer to putting his little karate uniform back on.

"They send us songs, all of those things we show to Cain and it gets him happy. It makes him motivated to keep moving and keep trying," said Meghann Wick, Cain's mother.

The family has a fundraising page online that has already raised thousands. The money will help with hefty medical bills and any extra money will be donated to Children's Hospital. If you'd like to donate, click here. 

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