'I felt pretty safe': Despite pleas from health experts, people still traveled over Thanksgiving holiday

NOW: ’I felt pretty safe’: Despite pleas from health experts, people still traveled over Thanksgiving holiday


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Dozens of travelers waited for their bags in Mitchell Airport on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 29.

CBS 58 talked to a couple of them, coming from Orlando, who said it was good to get away.

“It’s not healthy for us, it’s not healthy for him, just to stay locked inside at home," Milwaukee mom Corey Deane said.

Deane and her son Wesley, 9, flew to visit their family in Florida. Her husband drove and met them.

“You know, we lived in fear in the beginning. And we’re kind of to the point where we need to get out," said Deane.

“You can only be sheltered for so long, you know? You need to get out," Milwaukee resident Dale Young said.

Young said health precautions were taken by him and others on the flight.

“The middle seat was pretty much left open, the plane wasn’t fully packed. So I felt pretty safe," he added.

The Transportation Security Administration reported 964,630 people flew on Saturday, Nov. 28, alone.

And they’re all traveling at a time health experts say could be dangerous because of COVID-19.

“It’s these folks who, unwittingly, infect other people because they had no symptoms that are really spreading this disease around right now," UW-Health Chief Quality Officer Dr. Jeff Pothof said.

Pothof added that a person may feel fine, after being infected, but could still pass it to others.

“Now when they travel back to where they came from they’re ticking time bombs," he explained. "They’re going to be able to spread the disease to other people that weren’t even at their Thanksgiving party because they’re now back at home.”

If you plan on getting a Coronavirus test, local health experts say it’s best to wait three to five days after possible exposure because does now show up right away.

For the latest CDC guidelines on COVID-19, click here.

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