Husband Jumps on Top of Wife's Stolen Vehicle in Brown Deer; Wife Pursues Stolen Vehicle in Husband's Car

A man reported to Brown Deer Police chasing after and jumping onto his wife’s stolen and moving vehicle.

A 34 year old male resident reported his 37 year old wife’s Honda Pilot had just been stolen over the weekend.

He told police he and his wife chased the vehicle in their vehicle and caught up to it at West Dean Road ant North 60th Street.

He then got out of his vehicle and jumped onto the Honda Pilot, hanging onto one of the runners on top of the vehicle.

The Pilot turned south onto North 60th Street and accelerated swerving several times causing the husband to fly off the vehicle.

The wife continued to follow the vehicle and lost sight of it as it went westbound on W. Bradley Road towards North 76th Street.

Two other vehicles were also involved with possible suspects. The vehicle is described as a dark colored pickup truck and a silver colored Elantra.

It is believed the vehicle was taken with keys and not broken into since there was no glass on the scene.

The wife also had her purse and keys stolen from her place of employment in the City of Milwaukee approximately three weeks ago.

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