Hunger Task Force starts 'Food is a Human Right' campaign to help low-income families afford food

NOW: Hunger Task Force starts ’Food is a Human Right’ campaign to help low-income families afford food

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "Food is a Human Right." 

It's a simple, but powerful message, and the name of a new campaign started by the Hunger Task Force.

The federal government provides money to low income people to help them buy food, called "Foodshare." 

The state of Wisconsin has identified more than 22,000 older residents in Milwaukee County, who may be income-eligible for that program. 

Today, on Aug. 19, the Hunger Task Force mailed out 22,000 first class letters to those residents, letting them know they can, and should, take advantage of this program.

"Often times the elders in the community are thinking about the younger people in the community, they're not going to ask for help themselves.  They feel it's not dignified, they should take the responsibility to feed kids and grandkids and shoulder that burden without any help. We're saying that there's help.  You can get help from the federal government, Hunger Task Force can show you how to do that, and we can ease that burden," said Sherrie Tussler, director of Hunger Task Force.

The Foodshare program can provide up to $250 a month to those who need help affording food.

For more information on the program, and the services Hunger Task Force offers, just head to our website.

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