Hunger Task Force kicks off peanut butter drive in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- It can be eaten on a sandwich with jelly, paired up with baby carrots or celery sticks, or be enjoyed alone on a spoon--and now the Hunger Task Force is asking the public to pitch in to donate jars of a popular staple food in households everywhere--peanut butter.

Monday is the start of the \"Wanted: Peanut Butter\" program. The Hunger Task Force made the same call to action last year and collected more than 100,000 jars in less than two months.

Hunger Task Force officials say that for people in need, peanut butter is the perfect food because it appeals to all ages, requires little to no preparation and can be enjoyed at any time of day. 

Purchase or drop off peanut butter jars at more than 100 Walgreen's locations in the area, or drop off donations at the nearest Milwaukee fire station or the Hunger Task Force, 201 S. Hawley Court, through February 28. 

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