Hundreds of Free Lunches Handed out in Milwaukee through #HashtagLunchBag

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but a Milwaukee group is looking to change that. 

Through the #HashtagLunchBag program, volunteers handed out more than 200 free lunches Saturday.

The program encourages people to buy foods, pack up lunches, write inspirational messages, and pass them out.

     "It's hard to be out there, it's hard to ask people for things," says Flow Johnson. "Inspiring hope matters, and inspiring people to make a difference matters."

About a dozen people gathered at "After Gallery" in Riverwest. The volunteers packed up sandwiches, fruit, string cheese, and chips. Each bag is decorated with a picture, joke, or message. 

Volunteers are encouraged to take pictures of the event, and post them on social media to inspire others. 

     "Little glimmers of hope change the world, so it's really important that people have that glimmer of hope," says Johnson. 

Johnson is planning more #HashtagLunchBag events in Milwaukee throughout the summer. 

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