Hundreds of Blue Ribbons Line Pewaukee Streets to Honor 12-year-old Crash Victim

Take a drive through the Village of Pewaukee, and it's nearly impossible to miss the sea of turquoise ribbons.

They're hung on trees and light-poles, marking a path home for Ashlyn Flegel, who passed away late Tuesday night.

The 12-year-old had been hospitalized for a week, after she was struck by a car while riding her bicycle on July 19th. 

     "Ashlyn needed some guidance home, and it was the right step," says her Aunt Kamryn. "Her middle name is Ray, and we've always called her our ray of sunshine, and that's what she is."

Kamryn began placing the ribbons across the Village on Tuesday, marking a stretch from the highway to Ashlyn's home.

     "We bought tablecloths and we cut them up. It took hours, and we just walked the road and painted the road turquoise," says Kamryn. "We decided to just take it upon ourselves and do the whole way, that would be getting off the freeway all the way home. So now every bow represents an angel guiding Ashlyn home." 

Tuesday night, Shannon Flegel was with her daughter at the hospital when she passed away. Returning home, she quickly noticed the ribbons her sister had hung. 

     "Ashlyn was with us, and she took that whole pathway with all of her favorite color ribbons, all the way down Pewaukee," she says. "It just means we're telling her it's okay to let go. We're okay. We love you. Go home." 

Throughout the day Wednesday, dozens of people added ribbons across the entire city. By Wednesday evening, family members believe over 1,000 bows had been tied in Ashlyn's honor.

     "It makes me feel like my 12-year-old made a difference without even trying," says Shannon. 

     "It was beautiful to see how many people Ashlyn loved, and how many people loved Ashlyn," says Kamryn. 

By Friday, a handful of red ribbons were also on display, to show support for the driver, who law enforcement says was not at fault. The family says they have no hard feelings toward that driver, a 34-year-old woman from Pewaukee. 

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