Hundreds March to prevent violence

MILWAUKEE--Hundreds gathered to participate in a march to end violence in Milwaukee Saturday morning.

The event took place at Father James E Groppy Unity Bridge. A bridge that made history back in the 1960's.

\"The bridge has such a historical significance, back then, it was to raise awareness for fair housing, but today it significance the north and south coming together,\" said Dawn Barnett, one of the event organizers.

The march is being called The Bridge Project.

 \"This whole movement sprung out of the movement that we saw last year with the violent summer that we had. It is discouraging to know that in the mist of all of this, here we are, but I also think this is symbolic of how we are ending the week all coming together to say--you know what, no more.\"

The march comes after a violent week in Milwaukee, 11 people were shot and 4 killed.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports.

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