Hundreds in Menasha community prays for healing, peace

It's in times of tragedy where the human spirit really shines, and tonight the Menasha community showed that faith really does conquer all.

Hand in hand, people of all faiths stood together, in prayer at Fritse Park. They asked for healing and for a forgiving heart.

\"It's so hard to understand how he takes a man of God like that, he could be used here. And a little girl, that's only 11-years-old, such a sweet little girl, you know it's just hard to believe,\" family friend Victor Ramirez said.

Pastors did not try to make sense of the tragedy that took the lives of Jonathan Stoffel, his 11-year-old daughter Olivia, and 31-year-old Adam Bentdahl. Instead they focused on love and hope.

\"I don't get it, but that's the hope that we have. Thessalonians tells us we grieve, but not yet without hope for those who believe,\" Pastor Landon Churchill of Freedom Fellowship said.

If only for a moment, it was comfort, as families hugged and cried in each other's arms. A makeshift memorial filled up with flowers and bears as people crossed over the bridge where the victims took their final steps. On the other side children played, and the community ate together, vowing to get through the dark times.

\"I thought, is the park ever going to be the same? And having everyone come together like this, you just feel the love of the community and the strength of the community,\" Amber Ross said.

The mom who was also shot, Erin Stoffel is still in the hospital, they tell CBS 58 she had to go through surgery earlier today. Certainly those prayers will help her get through.

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