Hundreds Hit the Streets of Milwaukee for Women's March on Washington

An estimated 1,000 people hit the streets of Milwaukee Saturday morning, carrying signs and a simple message; Women's rights, are human rights.

     "The things that really matter to people, these things are all on the line right now," said Lydia Spottswood. 

Spottswood made the drive up from Kenosha, while her daughter made the trip to Washington D.C. for the main event.

     "I'm just thankful that she has a chance to make her voice count," she says.

The event featured plenty of men, showing support for gender equality.

     "There's more to life than the hate, the misogyny, and the cruelty and bullying that Mr. Trump has promoted," said Dick Linhart.

The march was one of 600 sister marches across the nation, as millions of people protested President Trump's first official day in office. 

     "My generation worked really hard to make progress on women's rights, and I'm really thankful to see the torch being passed to younger women who are stepping up and realizing what's at stake," said Spottswood.

Riverwest resident Jane Cashman brought her two daughters, making sure they could be a part of the world-wide event.

     "They are bilingual, they are women, they are strong, and I want them to be proud of that," she said.

Her daughter's held signs reading 'Girls are Important', and 'Powerful and Strong.'

     "I want to make sure that all the women in the world are safe," said Abbey. 

The peaceful march lasted for about an hour, ending at a local brewery. 

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