How to reach success in crowd funding

It's a popular way to raise money these days going to the web or social media and crowd funding.

Sites like gofundme and kickstarter are among the most popular.

But there are key ways to succeed in either raising money this way, or making sure your donations are going to a worthy cause.

PR Specialist and Social Media Stategist Colin Deval of Core Creative, Inc. was a guest Tuesday on the CBS 58 News at 4:30.

He said when it comes to come to crowd funding know your story, tell your story and talk about it with people.

\"People might fall into the trap of thinking its digital panhandling and that's not at all the case,\" says Deval.

He says it can offer a way to connect with people who have common interests, whether it be a school, a church group. a personal mission or a small business.

You must have a deadline and start your campaign out strong and finish strong.

\"Don't set it and forget it,\" advises Deval. \"Keep your audience updated.\"

He also suggests offering incentives which can be very effective for small business like a restaurant.

\"Small restaurants offer to name a drink after you or the chef will come to your house.\"

For those looking to raise money for a school trip or for a charity he suggests promising something that reflects that personal and deep connection.

\"If you donate to fund a trip, I'll write a personal letter every two weeks.\"

To make sure the crowd funding group you're donating to is legitimate, Deval says do your research.

Work with non-profits or charities you know. 

Sites like gofundme will list who else is giving.

\"Do they have progression? Are they coming closing to reaching that goal? Do you know the individual directly? Have there been grants already?\"  

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