Secret apps allow children to hide pictures, videos on phones

NOW: Secret apps allow children to hide pictures, videos on phones

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A cyber security expert is warning parents about secret apps where children may be hiding pictures, videos, search history and other information.

They’re called vault apps and can be hard to find on a phone.

Lisa Good is a mom and author who has studied vault apps. She says they can be disguised as a calculator, calendar or navigation app.

The secret apps have passwords and emergency close features to hide from unwanted eyes. If a parent or someone tries to open it and uses the wrong password, some apps will track the person.

“You think it’s an app, you’re suspicious, and you start punching in numbers,” Good said. “It’s taking your picture and telling your child. It’s either texting or emailing your location or the time and your photo so they know you tried to break in and spy on them.”

Good says signs that your child may be using a secret app include: hiding the screen when you enter a room, having duplicate apps and refusing to give you passwords.

Good understands it is important to trust your child, but says parents should also verify what’s going on. You can find more information on vault apps and resources on Good’s website.

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