'Kids have lost out on so much': How schools in our area plan to handle prom this year

NOW: ’Kids have lost out on so much’: How schools in our area plan to handle prom this year

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Schools in our area are taking different approaches to prom this year. 

"Our kids have lost out on so much social time within the last year," said Waukesha West Principal Ryan Patt. 

All three School District of Waukesha high schools will be holding prom on their campuses. 

"Normally all three high schools have an outside venue where there’s a dinner together and dancing, but those are smaller, and then you put the dinner component into play and we just weren’t quite ready to be there yet," said Patt. 

Instead, they'll use the space in their field house. They'll have a grand march and kids will be allowed to dance. 

"Students understand that they will be expected to be spread apart, but we know couples will dance, so it will be like they know what they’re getting into, masks will be required," said Patt. 

He says there will also be temperature checks. 

At Oconomowoc High School, prom will be held for juniors one night and seniors another night. The school shared a list of mitigation efforts. 

David Coyle, the principal of the Nicolet School District, says the administration has not made any final decisions on prom for this school year. 

"Nicolet staff are working with student-leaders to provide a safe, celebratory event near the end of the year that incorporates COVID-19 mitigation strategies and safety protocols. Nicolet administration hopes to have a decision made in the next few weeks so that students and families can plan appropriately," a statement said. 

Both the Racine Unified School District and Kenosha Unified School District say they haven't finalized plans yet. 

In Shorewood, the high school will not be holding a prom and no plans have been made yet for any alternative events. 

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