How much do you know? Preview to Tuesday's Primary

NOW: How much do you know? Preview to Tuesday’s Primary

Voters head to the polls in just a few days for the primaries. This time around, Wisconsin has several high-profile and contested races.

But how much do people know leading up to the big day?

CBS 58 went to the Wisconsin State Fair to find out.

While turnout at the fair appeared to be high, typically, it's the opposite for the primaries.

We asked people if they knew what's happening on Tuesday.

"No, not that I can think of," said Dana Guantes of South Milwaukee.

Some big races are taking place. On the Democratic side, eight candidates are vying to unseat GOP Governor Scott Walker.

Some voters we met were well aware.

"We have several different people running for our governor and if we want to see some changes in the state of Wisconsin, we need to get out and vote," said Trish Norman.

Another race many are closely watching is the Republican U.S. Senate race between Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir.

Some voters are still deciding.

"I'm not sure which way I'm gonna go on it yet. I haven't done my research," added Martin Olsen of Neenah.

Meanwhile, others said they’ll probably skip the polls on Tuesday, and wait for the general election in November, instead.

"I think we'll have enough time to check each candidate and see what qualities they have and what might fit for me and my community back in Racine," mentioned Reese Gandy.

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