Housing Authority celebrates helping homeowners for 20 years

MILWAUKEE -- Wednesday is a celebration of sorts for some families  in Milwaukee.

They're celebrating how far they've come in 20 years.  It's also the Housing Authority's chance to celebrate 20 years of a home ownership program. 

Mayor Tom Barrett lauded the housing authority's work over the years.  He spoke of his days in congress working to get funding for it. But Wednesday's focus was on how it's helped families. 

The housing authority started helping families move into permanent housing 20 years ago.  The first person to do that was Minnie Beard on April 27, 1994.

Minnie passed away but her daughter now owns the house she bought with assistance from the housing authority. Linda beard spoke about how the home helped shape her life.

\"I will always cherish the memory of my mother becoming a proud homeowner,\" Linda Beard said.  \"The house that she purchased has provided a stable foundation not only for her life, but for my life and my daughters.\"

Beard says her daughter is now in college and she doesn't know where they'd be if it wasn't for the stability provided by their home.


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