Hotel worries? No worries for Packers-Bears game

 For the first time since the 1920's the Packers will play on Thanksgiving at home, and they'll take on the Bears. Plus, according to Brett Favre's website, that's also the day he'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame so fans are scrambling to make sure they're at the game. 

$200? $325? 509 dollars? How deep does your love for the Packers go? According to those are some of the going rates for a room for this years Packers vs. Bears game. And that was before the schedule was even released.

\"If any one wants to jump the gun so to speak, they can do it. But they will pay the price,\" said Terry Peterson, general manager of Microtel Inn and Suites in Green Bay. He says there are plenty of people who will pay that price.  

\"As soon as the schedule comes out we get bombarded with calls,\" he said. 

For good reason: this game is historic.  The Packers haven't played a Thanksgiving home game since 1923 and it's reportedly the day Lambeau great Brett Favre is inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame.

But good news, Packers fans. Peterson says the prices will go down. 

\"We set the rates high and wait for the schedule to come out and then bring them down instead of waiting for the schedule to come out and raising them up,\" Peterson said.

Way down, even as soon as Wednesday morning. In fact, Peterson has spent the day talking people out of buying a room. 

\"We do discourage them from paying the $600. Its not like that's what we really want. Its just a way to put a place-holder in and effectively keep the inventory intact until the schedule is actually released,\" said Peterson. 

Because if you wait, your wallet will thank you. 

\"Most games will carry a two day minimum and the average room will be just under $300,\" said Peterson. 

But don't wait too long. Peterson also tells us rooms sell out for Packers vs. Bears games within a week or two of their announcement. 

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