Hot weather alert for pets!

Hot weather alert! This weekend will be dangerously hot for pets! Please share these tips and keep animals safe this summer.

  • Do not leave your animal in the car. The inside of a car can reach 160 degrees in mere minutes.
  • Take walks in the p.m. and early a.m. Any outdoor exercise should be brief and in the cooler hours.
  • Never tie an animal out in the sun. Ensure access to shade and water.
  • Regulate the temps inside your home. Allow access to cooler rooms.
  • Watch old, overweight, and snub-nosed dogs. Also closely monitor dogs with heart or lung issues.
  • Watch for signs of heatstroke. Panting, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, rapid pulse, bright red gums and blue tongue or lips.
  • Treat heat stroke immediately. Move to a cool place and lower body temperature slowly with cool (NOT icy!) water. Call your veterinarian right away for next steps. 
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