Homicide Report Shows 778 People Shot in Milwaukee in 2015

It's raising eyebrows alright. The simple ways "not" to get shot in Milwaukee.

The message delivered by Police Chief Ed Flynn during Thursday morning's Ceasefire Sabbath breakfast.

The chief said homicide rates for six of the last eight years have been the lowest in a quarter century.They're still trying to figure out if last year's spike is a trend or just an outlier. The chief's words brought laughter at some times but still has many people talking.

Some fatal, but most were not:  778 people were shot in the city of Milwaukee last year; a number that's increased 61 percent in the past 10 years. 
Thursday Chief Ed Flynn said while the city is working on the problem there's things you can do to ensure you aren't a victim. 

The numbers are staggering. 
In 2015, Milwaukee's murder rate was more than eight times that of the state of Wisconsin and five times more than the entire US.

Here in Milwaukee, the large majority, 82 percent of those people, were shot. 

"The propensity to sin is equally distributed among all races and social classes and ethnic groups," said Chief Flynn, 

While Flynn says anyone can be the shooter crime data revealed Thursday shows the person in front of and behind the gun are very similar.

"What we know is our violence is highly concentrated among young men with criminal records in in beefs with young men with other criminal records. You put those two ingredients together with a gun you don't get a bloody nose, you get a homicide victim," he said. 

While discussing the city's plan to use citizens academies, chaplain programs and federal help to stop the problem Flynn had some advice for residents.

"There's four simple rules to not being shot in Milwaukee:do not be part of crime gang or crew, don't be a drug dealer, don't illegally carry a gun and if you are in an argument with a stranger, if they have been arrested more often than you've been arrested; concede the point," he said. 

But with thousands of guns taken from criminals every year Flynn, along with Mayor Tom Barrett say this no laughing matter.

"The cavalry is not coming; its up to us," Barrett said. 

This Sunday, he will be at three local churches for the 12th annual Ceasefire Sabbath:


  • Sunday, May 15, 2016



  • Calvary Baptist Church

2959 North Teutonia Avenue
9:30 a.m.

  • La Luz Del Mundo Church

1316 South Cesar Chavez Drive

10:15 a.m.

  •          Abundant Faith of Integrity Church

7830 West Good Hope Road

10:50 a.m.                  


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