Homeowners in Mount Pleasant Worried About Bluff Erosion

Homeowners in Mount Pleasant said despite recent efforts to help fix the bluff erosion they are still worried they may be forced from their homes.

US Senator Tammy Baldwin is in mount pleasant today working with families there.

Baldwin came out to tour the bluff erosion and meet with those who live along the water.

She said she wanted to see the problem for herself.

Baldwin is the liaison between homeowners here and the federal government, meaning she'll be the one fighting to get residents government funding to fix the ongoing erosion.

She said there is now an application for emergency shoreline restoration funds, but it's a competitive process and there's no guarantee for federal dollars.

 “To see the structure itself jeopardized.  There has been one home that's had to be raised, literally, cause of this bluff erosion.  Others are fearful that they may be next.  So now is the time to act,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin.

There are some residents here who are looking to help repair their homes with concrete donated to them by Waukegan Airport.

The village president here in Mount Pleasant tells me they are just waiting for some permits to be approved before that work can begin. 

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