Home painting doesn't take a stroke of genius. Just good skill.

NOW: Home painting doesn’t take a stroke of genius. Just good skill.

West Allis (CBS 58)--If your house needs a touch up or something a lot more, this might be the perfect time to do it with all the downtime you have now. The experts at CertaPro Painters say to make sure you're happy with your paint color and have the right brush to go with the job.  A color change typically requires two coats. But before you even begin, you have one big task.

Owner Matt Hefter offers up some sound advice, including to tape everything for your lines.  This includes ceiling, baseboards and so forth. As far as painting, evenly up and down.  Keep a wet edge through the process to make sure you have painted evenly.

Couple of other pointers to keep in mind, according to Hefter.  You can use vasoline on the door hinges or screws to keep the paint from sticking.  Also, some lemon juice or vanilla extract can actually cut down on the paint smell.  Fabric softener can extend the life of your brush and cat litter can clean up spilled paint easily. For more pointers click below...

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