Holiday Train Rolls Through Milwaukee and Surrounding Areas

The 18th annual Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is also known as "North America's longest rolling food bank."

"Every year travels the whole length of the railroads territory with this train, and every stop they donate money to the food pantries. not only do they get to see the train but it helps the food pantries in every location they stop," said Ted Jansen.

He works along the platform at the Amtrak station, and it has become a family tradition to see the train stop in Milwaukee.

His grandson Logan has enjoyed seeing Santa Claus and a musical performance for three years.

This year is the first year Logan's sister, Violet, will see the train. She is 8 months old.

"Logan likes when Santa Claus comes out and walks along the platform to see everybody and definitely enjoys the musical performances going on. Violet will probably just like the flashing lights that will be on the side of the train," said Laura Jansen

Admission to the holiday train, it costs $2 per family member, and two healthy non perishable food items.

The Holiday Train has run its route since 1999. In that time it collected 12 Million Dollars and 4 Million pounds of food for local food pantries.

When the train stops in Milwaukee and surrounding areas, Hunger Task Force helps distribute the food to those who need it. 

The train makes 12 stops in the Milwaukee area. To see where it is stopping over the next few days visit

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