Holiday Snow...Feast or Famine

Across southeastern Wisconsin, there's about a 50-50 chance you'll see a White Christmas.  This year, only a few of us may see one, especially if you live across lakeside counties.

Last year at this time, however, it was a much different story.  At General Mitchell International Airport, there was a snow depth of ten inches.  A big snowfall of eight inches had fallen just a few days before Christmas.  And obviously that snow didn't go anywhere since it was so cold into the new year.

What a difference one year makes.  The most snow we've seen this month was a half an inch on December 2nd.  We've also had close to ten days with trace amounts (less than .01\".)  In November, there was a 2.2 inch snowfall just before Thanksgiving.

For you winter lovers, never fear.  You know there's still plenty of the season left.  After all, it just started three days ago!

Happy winter & happy holidays!!

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