Hit-and-run on Milwaukee's south side leaves dialysis patient in need of help

NOW: Hit-and-run on Milwaukee’s south side leaves dialysis patient in need of help

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that left a dialysis patient in need of help. 

It happened in broad daylight on Nov. 25, near Cesar Chavez Drive and Mineral Street. A man was using the crosswalk on his way to work and he was hit halfway through the intersection. 

"The first thing that came to my mind was thank God because I'm alive," said Moises Ruiz-Guzman, victim. "I turned around and I just saw the car in front of me."

Surveillance cameras captured the moment he was struck by a silver vehicle. Ruiz-Guzman was sent into the air and off to the side of the road. 

"Then I saw the time. What was the time that he hit me because there’s a lot of cameras," Ruiz-Guzman said. 

Ruiz-Guzman believes adrenaline helped him get up and run into work asking for help. Now they’re hoping this camera can help catch the person responsible.

"I have five years in dialysis," said Ruiz-Guzman. 

Ruiz-Guzman says his biggest concern was his fistula which sits in his arm and allows him to receive treatment -- the same arm the driver hit him on. 

The state is currently covering his dialysis treatment and anything else would need to come out of pocket. 

In an effort to help pay for medical expenses, Ruiz-Guzman is selling artisanal handbags from Mexico at his job Riveras Western Wear, located at 1002 South Cesar Chavez Drive in Milwaukee.  

"Drivers should look and see where they’re going and slow down because look what happened," Ruiz-Guzman said. 

Police are still looking for the driver that struck Ruiz-Guzman. Anyone with information is urged to contact Milwaukee police. 

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