Hispanic Heritage Month: Award-winning Mexican American barber's positive impact across Wisconsin

NOW: Hispanic Heritage Month: Award-winning Mexican American barber’s positive impact across Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Jose Perez, known as JP, is an award-winning barber, who is also barber to several players of the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers, but beyond that, JP has had a big impact in Wisconsin as a Mexican American by giving back to his community and being a positive example to those around him and those who step in his well-known barbershop Flashy Faded.

"Shedding the light into the city as a Latino, as a Mexican American, it's amazing," said Perez.

Through his perseverance and hard work, Perez has accomplished a lot in his career. Going above and beyond every day to get to where he is now. His talent being recognized locally and nationally by many.

"It is just amazing that many people are watching out there and there's a lot of people that are lost and a lot of people that need guidance," said Perez.

Perez began his barbering career at the age of 13. The fruits of his labor are seen through his success and the support he has from his community.

He opened his barbershop Flashy Faded in Bayview almost 10 years ago with the mission to grow, promote the talent of the city's barbers and bring people together.

"I started off with Anthony Perez I used to work for him back in the day and then I just knew there was more for me. I decided to open up my own shop and after that everything just started to take off. It has been a blessing," said Perez.

He has created out-of-the-ordinary cuts that have made headlines. Last year, during the NBA Finals, he made a haircut style of the Milwaukee Bucks logo on a client which was showcased all over social media.

It is one of many unique haircuts he has created and have distinguished him as a barber. It's also how his talent started to spread until eventually reaching Wisconsin professionals sports teams.

He cuts Brewers players like Kolten Wong, Devin Williams, Andrew McCutchen, Jonathan Davis and Josiah Deguara from the Packers to name a few.

"It feels surreal. It has been amazing. It's incredible just to see the people that are walking through those doors and how humble they are just to come here and it just makes me happy," said Perez.

Perez was invited to be part of a Brewers campaign this year called 'Brew Crew Connect' which highlights those helping shape Milwaukee's creative identity.

"Sometimes you don't think that people are watching but they are so to have an impact that's so positive in the community, to get these organizations like all eyes on you, it's just amazing that I was able to be a part of that big project," said Perez.

He even had the opportunity to participate in the first pitch ceremony of one of the Brewers games this summer.

But most importantly, Perez makes sure to give back to his community. He offers events for Hispanic and black youth where he offers free cuts, snacks and important conversations about mental health and self-esteem.

"I think it's very, very important that one, that the Latino community sees that it is possible to have a successful business as it is anywhere else here, especially in the U.S, but not only that, but Latinos that looks and sounds like them," said Victor Sosa, a good friend and client of Perez.

Perez's creativity, passion, attention to detail and dedication distinguish him as a barber and as a person.

"The relationship I have with my clients is everything. We're like family and I wouldn't change my family for anything," said Perez.

"The one thing, the one characteristic that JP holds true to himself, same now as from day one is his humility," said Sosa.

Perez has become a role model to many, especially to the Hispanic community and hopes his story inspires others.

"If you guys have dreams you have to just push full throttle on it, just don't look back and people are going to talk but hey, that's only fuel for the fire so just keep going," said Perez. "I'm always in competition with myself and with the help of the guys here (at the barbershop), I have an amazing team. We're just going to keep pushing and keep moving forward and there's going to be Flashy Faded for time to come."

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