Hispanic Chamber of Commerce creates petition against parking violations

NOW: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce creates petition against parking violations

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – There’s a new petition circulating for the thousands of Milwaukee residents who were issued tickets during the city’s recent snow removal operation.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has started a petition to stop the high number of tickets being issued in a community they say is already struggling to make ends meet.

The winter parking rules changed this year; DPW now calls a snow operation which puts alternate side parking into effect.

It’s a rule that has caused some confusion for residents; thousands were ticketed and now face fines. The chamber is hoping to have those fines from the month of February forgiven for petition signers.

“We started the petition because we understand the community,” says Jaime Bernade, spokesperson for the chamber. “We understand there are a lot of people who got tickets.”

They say they’re partnering with Alderman Jose Perez to try and make it happen.

While some are upset about the citations issued, others are applauding the city for trying to keep our roads clean.

“We’re originally from Chicago where snow removal is not as bad,” says Rohan De Silva. “I really appreciate what the city does and the tickets are relatively cheap too. In Chicago they’re about $100.”

People are still encouraged to pay their tickets. If the petition is accepted by Public Works, they’re hoping to get people reimbursed.

You can sign the petition at their office, 1021 w. National Ave.

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