Iconic "Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre" lets you watch a movie from your car

NOW: Iconic “Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre“ lets you watch a movie from your car

Jefferson (CBS 58)--A one-of-a-kind drive-in theater in southeast Wisconsin brings a sense of nostalgia to the big screen.  Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre,  just west of Jefferson at Highways 18 and 89, is celebrating its 65th anniversary this season. There's enough room here for 600 cars.  And obviously, there's no escaping the 90 foot screen.  It's the central focus.  The owner says this way of viewing films, in his opinion, is the right way to take in the overall experience of watching a flick, especially for $9.

This outdoor theater normally shows a double feature nightly.  And they are typically new releases.  The average rotation runs about two or three weeks.  And Labor Day weekend, Highway 18 will run a dusk-to-dawn marathon of movies.

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