Higher humidity and a lake breeze causing fog near lakeshore

NOW: Higher humidity and a lake breeze causing fog near lakeshore

If you live or work along the lakefront, you've likely noticed some fog in the afternoon the past few days. Viewer Joe Sully snapped this photo coming across the Hoan Bridge of the fog moving into downtown Milwaukee.

The fog is a little different than what we are used to and can be blamed on two things: higher dew points and a lake breeze. Recent dew points have been in the upper 50s and lower 60s causing you to feel a little humidity. Those dew points are higher than the water temperature of Lake Michigan which is in the middle 40s in the center of the lake and low 50s near the lakeshore. The temperature difference between the dew point and water temperature causes marine fog. The lake breeze out of the northeast has pushed the fog inland but only as far as the wind will take it. On most days the lake breeze doesn't make it more than a mile inland allowing everyone else to enjoy a nice sunny day.

Dew points on Friday will be a bit lower but could still reach the threshold where marine fog is possible and with another lake breeze expected some of that fog may move inland once again. 

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