'We never gave up:' High school sweethearts get married after 57 years apart

’We never gave up: ’ High school sweethearts get married after 57 years apart

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's a love story that's nearly 60 years in the making. A 72-year-old Milwaukee woman just tied the knot with her high school sweetheart. 

72-year-old Barbara and Curtis Brewer dated in high school back in the '60s. 

"Through high school, we dated, and we were going steady and we never broke up," Curtis said.

In 1962, Barbara's mother got into a car crash and she was left to take care of her brother's. They moved to different states and went their separate ways. 

"There wasn't Google in those days so you couldn't look up Curtis Brewer so I didn't know where he was," Curtis said. 

Years later, in 2003, Barbara and Curtis reconnected online. Barbra was living in Milwaukee and eventually met up with Curtis at his home in Florida. 

"I was scared," Barbara said. "You know, is he the same, has he changed. He wasn't as tall as I remembered him," she said laughing. "My heart was pounding," Curtis responded. "Still is." 

The two stayed in touch and spoke on the phone, but it wasn't until this summer that Curtis got the courage to pop the question. 

"I couldn't wait anymore, I called her up, and I said Barb will you… And all I got was a 'will you' and she said yes," Curtis said. 

This weekend in Milwaukee, Barbara walked down the aisle for the first time, looking at the man that's been in her heart for nearly 60 years. 

"No one else has loved me the same way Curtis did. He loved me unconditionally and totally. And, I just haven't found anyone else that can beat that," Barbara said. 

A message to all the hopeless romantics out there looking for love, it's OK to wait. 

"If I can get married at 70, there's a lot of hope for a lot of women that they too can get married," Barbara said. "Don't give up because you don't know." 

Barbara and Curtis want to spend their marriage traveling around the country in an RV. A GoFundMe page is set up. If you'd like to help them purchase the RV, click here

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