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High Anxiety Times: Calm Down, Take A Deep Breath

High Anxiety Times: Calm Down, Take A Deep Breath


Milwaukee (CBS58)--Negative thoughts and images are the norm these days. But a better mind set can help make for a much better attitude. The experts will tell you living in the here and now along with slow, deliberate breaths is what it takes to achieve positive rather than panicked thinking. This is what you can control in so much uncertainty.

Ambrose conducts at least three relaxation courses online each day via his Facebook page, Sky Schools Milwaukee.


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marlene 9 days ago
I feel so much better after doing the things in the video! Thank you!!! I needed this -- please do more programs like this!
ReenaChaudhary 9 days ago
We need news media to share more ways of coping with the current challenging times. I found these simple and easy to use breathing techniques extremely useful. They calmed my racing heart and anxiety almost immediately. Great job! Please share more on this program!
Shalini_jerath 9 days ago
Wow! Something like this is being taught in schools to kids and teachers. What a game changer in the area of education
Pramila 9 days ago
These breathing techniques look very easy to use. And they work! Very useful at this time of crisis!
smitra15 9 days ago
Thanks for sharing such simple and powerful tips to help relax and calm our minds. Love them !!!
Sushma 9 days ago
Love how stress/anxiety can be managed with simple effective tools just by using what is right under our nose - the breath! So much needed now with kids in school facing peer pressure, competition etc. Educators can use this powerful tool as well! Thanks for sharing!

Akhikrish 9 days ago
Thank you for doing this. It is so helpful during these times...
IndiraSampath 9 days ago
Very useful and profound techniques very much needed at this time to all of us . These techniques sharpens their mind kids study well.
AmitaMongia 9 days ago
I’m a school teacher and I find that recess has so many incidents of rough interaction, bordering on bullying. These incidents have increased since so many students play violent video games. Behavior management takes up so much teaching time. These breathtaking techniques are amazing, they need to be part of the school day. After all, we are coaching the citizens of tomorrow. Without tools they have learned to manage their emotions, education is incomplete. This was inspirational!
Tanuja 9 days ago
Awesome tools and very much useful in this situation.
Tanuja 9 days ago
Awesome tools and very useful in this situation.
GitanjaliNPersaud 9 days ago
Very useful and very much needed - more than ever today!!
sarathkolla 9 days ago
Awesome techniques - so useful in these times !!
rebecca 9 days ago
Awesome techniques! In this current climate, we need all the stress management and positivity we can get. Keep doing good work & being an inspiration.
deirdrejackson 10 days ago
This sounds wonderful! Looking forward to checking out your online sessions!!
Elan 11 days ago
Thanks for doing this Ambrose, much needed!!
ambrosewb1 11 days ago
Hey Mike and Andrew, thanks for spending time with us! I hope this helps someone better manage their stress and negative emotions during these times.

Quick suggestion Mike: we have a local page for SKY Schools, but we are hosting our daily, FREE relaxations on our national/team page!

Here's that link: http://skyrelaxation.eventbrite.com/

Come breathe and relax with us :)
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