Heating Back Up!

June has been a month of ups and downs so far.  Milwaukee warms up for a few days and then cools right back down.  Even with the fluctuation, Milwaukee remains normal for the month.

Yesterday highs spiked into the upper 70s and lower 80s; however, northerly winds took us back down to the 60s this afternoon!  It's all about the winds in our area, and our winds go southerly for the Father's Day Weekend!

Take a look at the graphic above.  The central plains are cooking today with highs close to 100!  That heat is expected to arrive for Sunday and Monday! Highs to start the weekend will climb to around 80, but by Sunday and Monday we are cranking back into the middle to upper 80s!

A cold front is set to arrive Monday night with showers and storms, and no surprise, cooler temperatures in the middle 70s by next week.

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