Head to "Lumber Axe" in Waukesha for some high flying thrills

NOW: Head to “Lumber Axe“ in Waukesha for some high flying thrills

Waukesha (CBS 58)--If you're tired of your Tuesday night dart game, you have a new challenge.  It's axe throwing.  "Lumber Axe" off Bluemound Road in Waukesha just opened its doors to the public last week with a strong response.  It's a way to work off your frustrations while bringing out your inner warrior.  Just like darts, the goal is to hit a bullseye on a wooden target.  And while the game is played in a bar setting, safety is a top priority for all the patrons.

Kids 12 and older can participate in the axe throwing as long as there's adult supervision.  Also, there are only five ranges, each with two lanes for two targets.  So you're highly recommended to make a reservation.  Click here to do so.

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