"He grabbed my hair:" Parents looking for answers after no charges filed against teacher aide

“He grabbed my hair: “ Parents looking for answers after no charges filed against teacher aide

Parents are looking for answers after a teacher's aide pulled a 7-year-old girls hair to go to the principal's office. 

"He grabbed my hair and pulled me all the way into the elevator and down the elevator. When the teacher came he let go of my hair," said Mariyah, student.

According to court documents, the teacher's aid asked the student to go to the principal's office after she got into an argument with a student.

She replied, "no." 

That's when things quickly escalated.

The teacher's aide is seen on video pulling her by her hair to the office. The aide told police he was using a martial arts move that learned from his mom. 

"It's disgusting that this guy is pulling her down the hallway and he's in a defense martial arts posture, please," said Daniel Storm, the lead investigator.

Milwaukee Public Schools suspended the aide without pay and he was arrested. The night it happened the principal contacted Mellissa Jones, Mariyah's mother. 

"I just want answers. I want to know why. You know you don't pull someone's hair to make them feel good, you do to cause pain," said Jones. 

The aide was released and then resigned from his position. The district attorney did not file any charges because it could not prove intent to harm. The family wants the aide to be prosecuted and their attorney will be writing a letter to the DA this week.

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