HAWS Offers Safe Keep Program for Pet Owners Facing Crisis

Known for years for its work to shelter and adopt out animals, HAWS is also offering a unique program for families in crisis.

HAWS is working The Women's Center as part of the Safe Keep program. HAWS workers take on agency referrals for displaced people in crisis. Spouses trying to leave abusive relationships, seniors with medical conditions, and house fire victims are among those who can get emergency care for their pet. 

"Sometimes the abuser will use the pet as leverage, for control," explained Lyn Olenick with HAWS.

But the outreach doesn't stop there.

The Safe Keep program has also helped folks who are hospitalized in mental health facilities and even those who are jailed.

It is temporary program that lasts 2 weeks usually.

But, it can be extended depending on the circumstances.

HAWS cares for about 60 animals per year from these kinds of situations.

In end, most are reunited with their families. 

Lyn Olenik of HAWS was a special live guest Wednesday on the CBS 58 News at 4.

Her interview is attached to this story, including concerns about an influx of cats recently at shelters everywhere because of the mild fall.

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