Hate to be a pest, but...

NOW: Hate to be a pest, but...

This story is all about the bugs.  Bed bugs, ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and stinging insects.  Spiders too!  I enlisted the help of bug expert Randy Allen from Wil Kil Pest Control in Menomonee Falls for some sound advice in terms of prevention and handling of these creepy crawlers.  

Allen gave me some good news.  Off the bat, he says no bugs and insects, at least in our area, are deadly.  But many can hurt you.  He advises on wearing long sleeves and pants when working outside if possible.  Also, insect repellent is very helpful.  Just make sure to read the directions when it comes to applying it on your child. 

It seems bed bugs have become a huge issue these days.  Allen recommends when returning from a trip to dry your clothes, on high, for at least 15 minutes to kill any larvae. Also, he says to leave bees nests alone.  Instead let the professionals handle it. 

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