Harbor District plans to change the Lakefront Landscape

NOW: Harbor District plans to change the Lakefront Landscape

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)  -- The work to bring Milwaukee's waterfront into the future is heading south. The Harbor District Plan would redevelop Port Milwaukee and surrounding neighborhoods. 

The area is currently very industrial, but the plan is to overhaul south of Hoan Bridge from Jones Island down with new amenities. If the plan is approved, they would develop modern manufacturers, retail shops, a river walk, canoe launches and improved transportation next to the water. The group working on the project hopes the plan will go to city council in January and have a final decision by February. 

Lilith Fowler is the Executive Director of Harbor District Inc. She sees the space as a way to improve Port Milwaukee.  

"Vacant waterfront property. For a city to have that minutes from its downtown and right next to neighborhoods is a pretty amazing opportunity," Fowler said. 

Fowler said it will also redevelop Milwaukee's beginnings. The once busy area housed tanneries and iron mills. 

"What we're looking at is can we bring that history back into the future? Can we restore that vitality?" Fowler said. 

Nearby businesses like the Transfer Pizzeria Cafe are looking forward to the foot traffic. 

"It's more exposure for us as a restaurant," Assistant GM Samantha Beck said. "Helping bring the community a little more together. 

There's a bridge in between Bayview and the Historic Ward and I think it's finally starting to all come together." 

There will be an open house for the public Monday from 4-6 p.m. at the new Mitchell Street Library. 

You can look at the plan here: http://harbordistrict.org/plan/

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