Halloween Forecast: chilly and cloudy

Can you believe Halloween is only one day away? Through the years, just like any fall day in southeastern Wisconsin, there are so many different weather days. Halloween is no different.

Here are some Halloween stats:

*Average high: 53 degrees

*Average low: 39 degrees

*Warmest High: 80 degrees

*Coldest High: 30 degrees

The forecast favors a dry and snow-free Halloween, and that’s exactly what we will see. We are

expecting a dry, but chilly day for the last October day. Highs will only drop up into the low 40s with mostly cloudy skies.

Trick-or-treat forecast suggests afternoon temps in the low 40s with evening numbers falling into the 30s. The kids will have to be dressed in layers!  If you're trick-or-treating later today, it will be a similar day, but MUCH windier with temps a few degrees warmer.  It won't feel warmer though when you incorporate the wind gusts, which could be over 30 mph at times.

At least snow is not expected. The last time Milwaukee saw snowfall on Halloween? 2014. Now that’s spooky!

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