Habitat for Humanity Dedicates its 1,000th Home in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity dedicated this newly constructed home in the Washington park neighborhood to mom Deeanna Friday afternoon.

This is the 1,000 family served by Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity in more than three decades.

According to a release from Habitat for Humanity, she works full time and is a full-time nursing student. She currently resides in an apartment where her child’s heart condition is at risk due to mold and nearby smokers. 

Her daughter’s ability is likely to decline, so her ADA-compliant Habitat home will provide a long-term solution restroom access challenges she’s faced with apartment living.  When she moves into her home, she will actually pay 1/3 less than her current rent for the home’s mortgage. 

She will also be proud to plant her gardens on a property where she used her own sweat equity, along with the time of generous volunteers, to become a homeowner.  “This home will dramatically change our lives physically, mentally and financially.”

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1984.

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