Group attempts to carjack Vietnam Veteran on Memorial Day

NOW: Group attempts to carjack Vietnam Veteran on Memorial Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - A veteran of the Vietnam War was going to his garden when a group of teens approached his car with a gun on Memorial Day. 

The attempted carjacking happened near 60th and Carmen Avenue Monday morning. 

"The guy demanded the key again and he said 'no'" said Blong Vang, Saylee Vang's son. 

Saylee says he got out of the car, walked away and that's when the teens took off. He tries to chase after them before getting back in his car and driving in their direction.

"That’s when they shot at him," said Blong. 

Vang's rear end of his car was hit four times. Saylee wasn't hit.

“He pulled his [gun] out and shot once in the air to scare them," said Blong. Saylee has a concealed carry license.

Saylee served in Laos, helping U.S. troops between 1971 to 1975. His father and brother were also in the military. 

“They didn’t pull the trigger maybe it’s because it’s Memorial Day and his dad passed away in the military," said Blong as he translated for Saylee. 

He says these generations of military men were looking over and protecting him in the driveway.

"Yeah, I believe that," said Saylee. 

Milwaukee Police continue to look for the three suspects. 

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