Greenfield police find suspect by posting 'missed connection'

NOW: Greenfield police find suspect by posting ’missed connection’

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Greenfield Police Department used humor to solve a crime. 

The department's social media coordinator took to Facebook asking whether anyone recognized a theft suspect. The twist is that she added a missed connections theme, writing things like "I am longing to meet you and nothing will stand in my way (well except for the door of the cell you’ll soon be in)." 

The coordinator said she hoped comedy would encourage people to share the post. 

"A lot of police work I think is aided by citizens helping out, so I think it was a really great idea to put a post out there and get more eyes on it. And because it was a little bit of comedy I think that earned a little bit of traction with people and they wanted to share it because it was funny," says Greenfield Police Department social media coordinator Amber Buckenberger. 

It did the trick because the suspect was caught hours later. A new line was added to the Facebook post saying, "We will keep you updated with our relationship progress (charges) as they become available!" 

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