Greenfield Plans to Kill Aggressive Coyotes

After several attacks on small dogs, Greenfield's Alderman Bailey is working with Greenfield Police to get rid of aggressive coyotes.

"I had her off leash. She got a little further from me."

Alderman Bruce Bailey says he was walking his dog at night, without a leash, when a coyote attacked his miniature poodle. 

Alderman Bailey says, "It was dark, and I heard something yell, and I ran over there and they already knocked her down and got her by the throat. I picked her up and rushed her to the emergency room."

Bailey says he's working with Greenfield Police to get rid of aggressive coyotes. 

"They're not part of the city, they're encroaching into our city."

Dog owner Kevin Fischer says he's for the coyotes being relocated, but not killed unless they're aggressive to humans.

Kevin Fischer, a dog owner and resident says, "I don't want to see anything brutally happening to them but obviously something has to be done."

We spoke with Greenfield Police who says they'll work with a trapper, and use their officers as well. 

We asked Captain Dave Patrick if they plan to relocate the coyotes, he said, "No it's not (the plan), just because of the breed itself, the actions we're taking is not to move the coyotes."

Captain Dave Patrick says they're moving forward with their plan in the next few days.

"We did just have one wounded coyote that was killed in the last 15 minutes."

Meanwhile Alderman Bailey has this message for pet owners-- "I'm trying to warn people that they can't let their pet out of their sight."

Greenfield Police are holding an informational meeting at Greenfield High School on Monday at 7. 

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